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Welcome to the Georgia Orienteering Club's Beginner's Guide to Orienteering in Georgia.  

We get lots of questions from folks who want to try orienteering in Georgia. Most just want to know what to expect when they come to one of our meets, while others want an encyclopedia worth of information before they've ever tried the sport. This little guide hits a happy medium.

The Beginner's Guide gives you just enough information so you know what to expect at our meets and how to enjoy your Georgia Orienteering experience. For those who desire additional information, excellent resources are provided in the appendix.   

Laurie Searle

What is Orienteering?

In simple terms, Orienteering is like a scavenger hunt where you're given a list of clues to find land features and objects that are circled on a map. 

In more detailed terms, Orienteering is a cross-country race, where you use a specialized map to navigate to a series of checkpoints around a pre-designed course.

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