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Ok, it's time to stop reading and come to a GAOC Orienteering meet.  Remember, the best way to learn about Orienteering is to do Orienteering. 

After you've been to a few meets, if you want more information, try these resources:

 GAOC's FAQ will answer most of your questions.

Check out these books available from Orienteering vendors found on the USOF website.

Here are some favorites:

Discovering Orienteering: Skills, Techniques, and Activities
By Charles Ferguson and Robert Turbyfill
ISBN-13: 978-0736084239, ISBN-10: 0736084231

Outward bound Orienteering Handbook
ISBN 0-7063-7362-6

Armchair Orienteering II: A Practical Guide to Route Planning 
By Winifred Stott

Orienteering Skills and Strategies
By Ron Lowry and Ken Sidney
ISBN: 0-920285-01-5

Orienteering Training and Performance
By Ron Lowry and Ken Sidney

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