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Welcome to the Georgia Orienteering Club (GAOC)! GAOC hosts a variety of Orienteering meets and special events in the state of Georgia. 

All events are open to members and the public for a nominal fee.  Local events offer beginner, intermediate, and advanced courses, as well as beginner instruction. 

To find an event close to you, check out the Schedule under Local Events.

Adventure Racers -- check out these Hints from Ron Sanders.

For meets with Electronic Punching, see Epunching Instructions.

GAOC is a non-profit and a member of the United States Orienteering Federation.

We will celebrate our 40th anniversary in 2016.


Date Upcoming Orienteering Events
ATTENTION! In order to participate in any GAOC event, all youths under the age of 18 MUST present a Waiver of Liability that has been signed by their own Parent or Legal Guardian. It is NOT sufficient that the Waiver of Liability be signed by any other adult such as a coach, teacher or chaperone. NO WAIVER, NO PARTICIPATION! NO EXCEPTIONS!
Nov 21
VOC local meet
Southeastern Bubba Goat
Wind Creek State Park @ beach
Dec 5-6
Hard Labor Creek State Park - Camp Rutledge
A-meet Rerun
plus Adventure Team Score-O
Bill Cheatum 706-247-5031
Dec 13
Hard Labor Creek State Park - Lake Brantley
Holiday Score-O and Relay
Charlie Bleau 404-276-6558 & Andi Berger 770-314-5460
Jan 16-18
2016 Georgia Navigator Cup
2 Day Classic Orienteering A-Meet
SE Interscholastic Champs - Individual and Team
Mal Harding Extreme-O
All events at Don Carter State Park, Gainesville, GA
ATTENTION! Don Carter State Park is embargoed. If you plan to participate in the 2016 Georgia Navigator Cup, please do not orienteer, hike, or use this park until after January 18, 2016.
see full schedule...


Date Recent News and Events

Results for Sope Creek are now posted.


Sunday results and Combined results for the Red Top Mountain 2-day meet are now posted.


Saturday results for the Red Top Mountain 2-day meet are now posted.


Results for the Dauset Trails Nite-O are now posted.


Results for F.D. Roosevelt State Park are now posted.


Results for Oconee State Park Fall Meet are now posted.


Results for Sweetwater Creek State Park Fall Meet are now posted.
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