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GAOC Event Results

2016 Results


Holiday Relay

Fort Yargo State Park
12/10/16 - 12/11/16

Two Day Meet

Richard B Russell State Park
12/4/16Gold Branch CRNRA
11/19/16Sope Creek CRNRA
11/12/16Dauset Trails
11/6/16Hard Labor Creek State Park
10/29/16Dauset Trails Nite-O
10/23/16Chattahoochee Bend State Park
10/16/16Mistletoe State Park
10/9/16Oconee State Park, SC
9/11/16Sweetwater Creek State Park

Sprint & Relay

West Georgia College
5/15/16Sweetwater Creek State Park
4/30/16Tugaloo State Park

Score-O & White/Yellow

Gold Branch CRNRA
4/17/16Red Top Mountain State Park
4/10/16Chattahoochee Bend State Park
3/26/16Dauset Trails Nature Center
3/20/16East Palisades
3/13/16Don Carter State Park
3/5/16Joe Kurz WMA
2/21/16Bert Adams Scout Reservation

Score-O & White/Yellow

Island Ford CRNRA
2/6/16FDR State Park
1/30/16West Palisades CRNRA
1/24/16Indian Springs State Park
1/16/16 - 1/18/16

2016 Georgia Navigator Cup

Don Carter State Park

2015 Results


Holiday Score-O & Relay

Hard Labor Creek State Park
12/5/15 - 12/6/15

A-Meet Rerun and Adventure Team Score-O

Hard Labor Creek State Park
11/15/15Sope Creek CRNRA
11/7/15 - 11/8/15

Mountain Fall Fest

Red Top Mountain State Park
10/31/15Dauset Trails Nite-O
10/18/15F.D. Roosevelt State Park
10/10/15Oconee State Park
9/13/15Sweetwater Creek State Park
5/9/15Sweetwater Creek State Park
4/26/15Indian Springs State Park
4/19/15Dauset Trails
4/12/15Chattahoochee Bend State Park
3/22/15Fort Yargo State Park
3/15/15Island Ford CRNRA
3/7/15Joe Kurz WMA
2/22/15Bert Adams Scout Reservation
2/14/15Don Carter State Park
2/7/15Tugaloo State Park
1/31/15Palisades West, CRNRA
1/17/15 - 1/19/15

2015 Georgia Navigator Cup

Red Top Mountain State Park

2014 Results


Holiday Score-O and Relay

Dauset Trails
11/23/14Gold Branch CRNRA
11/16/14F D Roosevelt State Park
11/8/14Mistletoe State Park
11/2/14Sope Creek, CRNRA
10/25/14Dauset Trails Nite-O
10/12/14Oconee State Park
10/05/14Hard Labor Creek State Park
9/28/14Lake Russell State Park
9/14/14Sweetwater Creek State Park
5/10/14Hard Labor Creek State Park
5/4/14Vickery Creek, CRNRA
4/27/14Dauset Trails
4/13/14Chattahoochee Bend State Park
3/29/14 - 3/30/14

Mountain Springfest

Red Top Mountain State Park
3/16/14Island Ford, CRNRA
3/9/14Joe Kurz WMA
2/23/14Bert Adams Scout Reservation
2/9/14Cochran Mill
2/2/14Fort Yargo State Park
1/25/14Palisades West, CRNRA
1/18/14 - 1/20/14

2014 Georgia Navigator Cup

Sweetwater Creek State Park

2008 Results

12/07/08Pickett's Mill
11/23/08Sope Creek
11/08/08Watson Mill Bridge
11/01/08Cochran Mill Night-O
10/19/08Lake Russell
10/05/08Bert Adams
9/20/08 - 9/21/08Red Top Mountain
9/6/08Jones Bridge
6/8/08Fort Yargo Canoe-O
5/18/08McIntosh Reserve
5/04/08Palisades East
4/19/08Dauset Trails
4/6/08Sweetwater Creek
3/30/08Vickery Creek
3/8/08 - 3/9/08FDR State Park
3/2/08Joe Kurz
2/24/08Fort Yargo
2/17/08Gold Branch
2/3/08Palisades West
1/19/08 - 1/21/08

2008 Georgia Navigator Cup

Mistletoe State Park

2006 Results

12/17/06McIntosh Reserve
12/03/06Pickett's Mill
11/19/06FD Roosevelt
11/05/06Lake Russell
10/28/06Cochran Mill
10/14/06Dauset Trails
10/08/06Bert Adams
09/16/06Jones Bridge
09/03/06Island Ford
6/04/06Sweetwater Creek
5/21/06Dukes Creek
5/07/06Watson Mill Bridge
4/30/06Cochran Mill Park
04/09/06Sope Creek
03/19/06West Palisades
03/05/06Joe Kurz
02/18/06 - 02/20/06

2006 Georgia Navigator Cup

FD Roosevelt State Park
01/29/06Sweetwater Creek
01/15/06Red Top Mtn

2005 Results

12/18/05Palisades West
12/04/05Island Ford
11/27/05Powers Island
11/13/05Russell State Park
10/29/05Cochran Mill Park
10/16/05FD Roosevelt Rogaine
10/02/05Bert Adams
9/11/05FD Roosevelt
07/17/05Cochran Mill Memory-O
06/12/05Sweetwater Canoe-O
05/28/05Red Top
05/15/05Dukes Creek
04/23/05Dauset Trails
04/09/05Sweetwater Creek
03/06/05Joe Kurz
02/20/05Pickett's Mill
02/06/05McIntosh Reserve

2004 Results

12/12/04FD Roosevelt
11/28/04West Palisades
11/14/04Lake Russell
10/30/04Cochran Mill Night-O
10/17/04Sweetwater Rogaine
10/03/04Bert Adams Score-O
09/18/04Dauset Trails
09/05/04Arabia Mountain
08/15/04Sweetwater Canoe-O
05/23/04Powers Island
05/08/04Island Ford
04/25/04Red Top Mountain
04/10/04Arabia Mountain
03/27/04McIntosh Reserve
03/14/04Pickett's Mill
02/15/04Dukes Creek
01/31/04Joe Kurz
01/18/04Lake Russell
01/17/04Watson Mill Bridge

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