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Want to brush up on your Orienteering on your own time? Or maybe you need a practice course for a group you're coaching?

GAOC offers permanent orienteering courses at Hard Labor Creek State Park, Mistletoe State Park, Panola Mountain State Park, Red Top Mountain State Park, and Sweetwater Creek State Park, so you can Orienteer any time!

Simply call the Park and ask for information about the Georgia Orienteering Club permanent course. They'll tell you what the nominal fee is and if they have a ready supply of maps. For contact information and directions to Georgia Parks, visit Georgia State Parks and Historic Site website.

Permanent Courses use permanent markers to identify the control points. When you purchase a map, you'll receive the course, clues, and instructions for completing the course.

Orienteering at Panola Mountain State Park is by permit only, so go by the park office to get permission and pick up your map, $5 for the package. The office is open every day except Tuesday and Wednesday from 08:30 17:00. Our website directions are to the Alexander Lake map, but the office is out on GA Hwy 155, 1/10 of a mile from the Alexanders Lake Road turnoff. Again, you must get permission at the office to orienteer.

The permanent course at Hard Labor Creek State Park is set up with QR codes so that you can use your smart phone to record your time and splits while on the course. Download the free www.iorienteering.com app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store before heading to the park. After purchasing your map from the park office, simply use to app to scan the course set up code on the map, then

  • Scan the start code at the beginning of the course (located in the Start triangle on the map) to start the clock
  • Scan the controls as you pass them
  • Scan the finish code at the end of the course (located in the Finish circle on the map) to stop the clock
  • Choose to upload your results to the www.iorienteering.com web site to compare your results with others


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